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Taiwan Festival: Hung Dance - Birdy Tickets

The Coronet TheatreLondon
A delicate duet blending the movement of the human body and the flutter of birds

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Taiwanese contemporary dance company Hung Dance present the UK premiere of Birdy.

The Audience Award winner for Best Choreography in Tanzplattform Bern, Birdy is a delicate duet which blends the movement of the human body, the flutter of birds, traditional Chinese opera and contemporary dance to create a truly memorable performance.

We often feel trapped in a cage we’ve built for ourselves out of our morals, beliefs, ideals and responsibilities, telling ourselves that we can’t always follow our heart and chase our dreams. Birdy explores the struggle to free ourselves from our cages and the desire to accomplish dreams.

In Birdy, the female dancer wears a special head piece called Ling Zi. Its long pheasant tail feathers are often worn on warrior’s helmets in traditional Chinese opera to show the warriors’ strength and skill. Here, the Ling Zi represents the image of a bird, an extension of inner feeling, and the desire to escape reality. The Ling Zi sways as the dancer moves through space, showing the struggles and battles within.